Dissertação de mestrado apresentada ao Programa de Pós-graduação Stricto Sensu em Psicologia do Centro Universitário de Brasília UniCEUB.

Autor(a): Mônica de Oliveira Almeida Bouza
: Prof.ª Dr.ª Fabiana Queiroga


Companies are looking for new technologies and innovation to adapt to the new world and the new market forms. Games and gamifications proved to be an innovative alternative to stimulate learning and attract customers, employees and companies. Given this scenario, this paper aims to analyze to which extent it is possible to predict leadership behaviors through games like Escape Game. To achieve this goal, markers of leadership behavior were collected before the leaders participated in the game. To do so, behavioral observation was carried out within the work environment of the leaders (N = 16) from a company in Brasília, DF, Brazil. They also answered behavioral assessments questionnaires and the psychological test Factorial Personality Battery (Bateria Fatorial de Personalidade – BFP). It was found that the frequency of the research leaders behaviors is similar sequentially in both environments – at the game and at work. Through the game it was possible to obtain moderate and significant correlations (p < 0,05) from the work context of the following behaviors: Cooperating with starting (r = 0.53); with choosing (r = 0.60); with overcoming pressures (r = 0.50); and with managing time (r = 0.53). There was also a correlation between communicating with choosing (r = 0.48) and with managing the time (r = 0.52). Finally, the game showed a moderate and significant correlation with the factors of Socialization and Completion of the BFP test. Thus, the research positively achieved its objective and presented reliable indicators to support the behavioral observations of the leaders who participated in the game.
Keywords: Leadership; Experimental games; Behavior

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