Dissertação de mestrado apresentada ao Programa de Pós-graduação Stricto Sensu em Psicologia do Centro Universitário de Brasília UniCEUB.

: Prof.ª Dr.ª Amalia Raquel Pérez- Nebra.


Public employment policies have a key role in contemporary societies in front of the rise of unemployment. In the Federal District, the responsibility for the actions aimed at the labor market is the public agents of the Secretary of Labor in the Federal District. In this institutional context, this research aims to investigate the meaning of work for public agents in the execution of the employment policies of the Federal District, thus contributing to the production of scientific knowledge through research on the sources of meaning of work proposed by Rosso, Dekas, Wrzesniewski (2010). For the analysis of the results, the qualitative method was adopted, through semi-structured interviews and analysis of contents. We interviewed eight career public agents, three men and five women, aged 29 and 62 years old. The results indicate that for the public agents the social and interpersonal processes than make up the source “others” are more relevant in the conception of the meaning of work that the pursuit of their individual goals, source “self”. However, the source “context” shown to have greater influence on the perception of meaning of work, although they appear in this font, the greatest difficulties faced by the agents, which, paradoxically, there are at work, at the same time, pain and suffering, pleasure and satisfaction. Despite these contradictions, we can consider that the meaning of work for public agents is satisfactory and has strong influence in shaping your identity, allowing them to recognize themselves within the social context in which they belong.
 Employment. Unemployment. Public Policy. Public Agents. Meanings
of Work.

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