Satisfação no trabalho e clima organizacional: A relação com autoavaliações de desempenho

Job satisfaction and organizational climate: Relation with self-assessments of performance
Trabalho publicado na Revista Psicologia: Organizações e Trabalho em 2015.


One of managers’ major concerns is related to maintaining good performance levels at work, to ensure differential advantage to their organizations. Contextual and individual characteristics are perceived as important variables that help organizations maintain their distinctiveness and, consequently, high levels of competitiveness. The current research aims to analyze the relationship between these two variables, identifying commonalities between the constructs and the relationship with performance measured through self-assessments. Three scales were used for data collection: the Self-Assessment of Performance at Work Scale, the Organizational Climate Scale, and the Job Satisfaction Scale. Taking part in this research were 152 employees from two organizations, mostly men (57%), with an average age of 35 years, and predominantly with a high school degree (28%). Correlation analysis showed that common factors observed in measures of satisfaction and organizational climate show no multicollinearity (largest observed magnitude was r = 0,78; p < 0,01). Additionally, regression analyses suggested that the dimensions Reward, Nature of the Work, and Control/Pressure individually explained the participants’ two self-assessments (p < 0,05). Future research could more fully explore the diagnosis of the organizational context through interviews and observations, and additional evaluations of organizational performance indicators.
Individual performance; job satisfaction; organizational climate.

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