The work design contribution to educational workers' sustainable wellbeing and performance patterns

Trabalho publicado na Frontiers in Psychology em novembro de 2022.


Brazilian education faces diculties relating to performance and illness, suggesting that the characteristics of the work can a􀀀ect both variables. This study aims to describe the work characteristics that increase the odds of having happy–productive patterns in education workers. A total of 4,598 employees of the Secretariat of Education of the Federal District (SEEDF) participated in the research, answering questionnaires about work design (Brazilian version, with 18 factors), wellbeing (containing three factors), and performance. 
The results showed that task, social, and contextual characteristics increase the probability of being in the happy–productive pattern, and specifically, Social Support, Feedback from Others, Task Significance, Task Identity, and Autonomy, in this order, should be considered for intervention purposes.
work characteristics; work design; wellbeing; happy-productive worker; teachers; elementary school; social support.

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